Richard Fein, PhD, FCAS, MAAA

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Expert Reports

  • Full range of litigation support for attorneys
  • Expert reports
  • Expert Testimony
  • All venues: Courts, Administrative, Legislative, Hearings, Arbitrations
  • Federal, State, Regulatory, Arbitration Panels 


The source of these judicial challenges can arise from:


  • Plaintiff insureds
  • Fraud sources
  • Class Actions suits
  • Arbitration panels
  • State/County Regulatory Agencies
  • State Taxing and Assessment Agencies
  • State Guaranty Associations
  • US Congress and related committees
  • Federal Agencies, e.g. IRS

Disagreements and unexpected events create opportunities for formal challenges to actions of all types.  I have experience in all venues and have worked with all parties, Plaintiffs, Defendants, Arbitration parties, Regulators and Legislators.  I have prepared expert reports, been deposed, have testified at Bench and Jury trials, and have extensive experience at Administrative Proceedings.

  • Understanding the basic regulatory, business, and professional issues at stake
  • Identifying and clearly explaining misunderstood technical concepts
  • Eliminating jargon to clarify issues
  • Eliminating ill formed expectations and misunderstandings of judges, panels and juries
  • Understanding the difference between methodologies and assumptions
  • Knowledge of the scope of technical tools and technical underpinnings of actuarial methods
  • Understanding and experiencing the judicial environment in which attorneys must work